Artist Kyung Youl Yoon

Kyung Youl Yoon works with a variety of mediums such as oil-based paint, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, plexi-glass, aluminum, and printmaking to create his artwork. Through his creative process, he poetically expresses his internal self, emotions, imagination, and thoughts, as an existence in a vast world. Diminishing echoes, marks, and textures become seeds and new forms of meaning. These motives are reflected in his works, Pleasing Abstraction, Poetry of Metaphors, Approach, Itinerant Life, Elegy of April, Artist’s Sketch, Distance between Form and Aspect, Journey Series and The Cubic Inception Series.

Kyung Youl Yoon was born in Kangjin, South Jeolla of South Korea, and has worked as an artist in Seoul. He eventually moved to Madrid, Spain to study painting and printmaking at the University of Bellas Artes, and continued to pursue his career as an artist in Spain and Europe for seven years. During those seven years, he was awarded a scholarship by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Complutense University of Madrid and also won First Prize at the Competition of Paintings in Ponferrada, in Leon, Spain. He had his solo exhibition at Gallery Detursa in Madrid, Spain in 1994 and was also featured in the “ESTE Y COMPLUTENSE,” Exhibition, organized by Jose Marin-Medina and sponsored by Comunidad de Madrid from 1994 to 1995.

Yoon has exhibited his artwork in various parts of the world.  In the 1980’s, he exhibited in the Dongah Daily Selected Exhibition at National Modern Art Museum, and participated in the K.I.S. International Modern Art Exhibition in Koon San, and also the Seoul Modern Art Exhibition at Seoul Art Museum (Seoul Art Center) in South Korea. Since immigrating to the United States in 1995, Yoon has lived in New Jersey and exhibited mainly in the New York Metropolitan area and other parts of Asia. In 2014, his works were featured in Shades of Time: Exhibition of the Archive of Korean-American Artists Part Two, 1989-2001, at the Queens Museum, and Gallery Korea in New York. In Shanghai China, Yoon had his solo exhibition at Liu Haisu Art Museum in 2013 and showcased his work at the Grand Theater Gallery from 2013 to 2015. His most recent solo exhibitions were held at Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery, The Art Gallery at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve in New York, and United Gallery in Seoul, South Korea.

Yoon’s achievements have also earned him a place in Scope Art Fair in Miami (2010) and New York City (2011), KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) (2015), Art Aspen in Colorado (2015), and Art Hampton, New York. (2016). He exhibited his most recent work The Cubic Inception Series at the Context New York Art Fair in New York City though Donghwa Ode Gallery.2017. Passion ,Connected .100X100 , Pyeong Chang Olympics. Gallery Korea , Korean Culture Center New York 2018  ,Art New York Art fair ( NY ), Art Palm Spring Art Fair ,LA  Dong Hwa Ode gallery NJ, First Encounter,  Korean Cultural Center  LA , Encounter Korea SUMA, Southern Uta Museum of Art ,2018  Confluence Benefit Exhibition Sylvia Wald Po Kim Gallery 2018 most recent Exhibition.

In addition to many individual and private collections, Yoon’s works are also a part of the collections of organizations such as Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai, China, Shanghai Embassy in China, Embassy in Madrid, Spain, Seoul Arts Center, AnyTape Corporation, Korea’s Nordson’s Corporation, United Gallery in Seoul, Casa de Reloi (Cultural Center in Madrid), Faculty of Bellas Artes, Cacabelos in Leon, Spain, Laura Borghi Fine Art, New Jersey, and The KCC Center, New Jersey. Taiwan gallery, New York  Company Collected

His successes abroad were widely recognized and highly acclaimed by many art critics. His most recent work, The Cubic Inception Series was reviewed by Los Angeles based art critic and curator Peter Frank, and the review was featured in Yoon’s solo exhibition at Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery in New York. Robert C. Morgan, a New York based art critic and professor at Pratt Institute also reviewed the series of works featured in Journey, Yoon’s solo exhibition at United Gallery in Seoul, South Korea in 2015. Other art critics that have reviewed Yoon’s works include Zhiyuan Cong, Jian Zhang, Mark J.S. Lim, Koo- Yeol Lee, Adolfo Castaño, Carmen Pallares, Juaquin Castro Beraza, Manuel Parralo and José Sanchez Carralero Lopez. Many reviews of his art have also been publicized and released in magazines and newspapers worldwide, such as ABC Newspaper, El Pais Newspaper, Newsis, Shanghai Bang Journal, Koalife Magazine, The Korea Times, Korea Daily, Newsroh, and Shanghai Artists Magazine No.4.




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