Artist Kyung Youl Yoon and His Creative World

The artist’s life experiences live again through Kyung Youl Yoon’s paintings, as lines, colors and shapes poetically appear and disappear on his canvas. His observations of nature and the concrete world around him are seen interpreted through the language of abstract painting. Yoon’s painting is spontaneous but honest and without exaggeration; it springs fluidly from an expectation of hope and joy, mixed with excitement and humility.

His color, value and tone harmonize with solid and empty space to reveal the hidden stories of human emotion. In his “Relation Series” we find images ascending, descending and floating weightlessly, expressing the complex layers of such stories. In this series, as in his other work, he exhibits his keen sense of inspired composition as he combines his understanding of image, depth, scale and color with his own spirituality.

Yoon’s extensive study of running-style Oriental brush calligraphy and of the Renaissance Masters’ analytic methods results in a unique mixture of breathing surfaces and push & pull techniques infused with energy and freshness. He brings to life outstanding abstract art, poetically creating plastic spaces through analytic and refined painting processes.